Armand Cabrera

Armand will be giving a painting demonstration at IlluXcon 2018
He’ll start with a blank canvas & complete an Imaginative Landscape
Sunday, October 21st
10 am – 1 pm
Goggleworks, Reading, Pennsylvania





MAY 29 – 31
Drawn With a Brush: Necessary Skills for Better Paintings

Oil Painting & Drawing
Limited Space
More information coming soon!

Armand will return to The Bascom in beautiful Highlands, North Carolina.
This year, he will be teaching an oil painting workshop with an emphasis on Drawing.
You will LOVE this gorgeous facility in the mountains of North Carolina.
Bring a loved one or friend and enjoy beautiful Highlands!



***Most of your equipment & supplies questions will be answered on Armand’s Materials List.


Outdoor Workshops
Armand teaches how to simplify and organize the painting process to work within the fleeting time constraints of the roving sun. He instructs how to “organize nature” and capture light and atmosphere in a painterly fashion.
Daily demos — usually between 12 pm – 1 pm … during the most challenging time of the day, leaving the better hours of light for the students to paint.

Studio Workshops
Students paint from small sketches or photos, creating larger paintings alla prima—finishing their paintings in one sitting. More seasoned painters will be taught how to solve advanced problems and perfect their technique.

Private Lessons
3 Options:
• Lessons at Armand’s Studio in Warrenton, Virginia
• Lessons at your Northern Virginia Home/Studio
• Lessons somewhere in the USA

For serious artists only!
More Information

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