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Painting from life, when approached with integrity, is the most honest form of painting I know. 
There is no filter between the artist and his or her experience; 
no camera or computer to crop the image and freeze the light moving through the sky. 

It is just you and your ability—or lack thereof.

  I appreciate artwork that reveals a dedicated artist in command of their craft—
paint calligraphy, color harmony, strong design and interesting composition—all under control of the painter’s hand, manipulated to depict a single, clear idea sincerely expressed in an individual style. 
The painting must be a unified whole with no inappropriate passages to distract from the artist’s intentions.
Its impact must linger, not just grab with superficial handling. 

The emotional impact of an Isaac Levitan…the bravura facility of a John Singer Sargent…
the vibrant colors of a Joaquin Sorolla… the sensitive intimacy of a Cecilia Beaux…
these are the finest examples of painting from life…the qualities I strive for when creating my paintings.

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