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Art Supplies and Recommended Reading List
for Studio & Outdoor Painting Workshops
Oil & Acrylic

I supply this Materials List only as a suggestion to you.
Many students have their own preferred easels and supplies.
The following list is what I use and the vendors I have found to
provide quality goods at a reasonable price.
Do not feel you must have these exact materials...
although if the description calls for "airtight" or "artist grade"...please heed my advice!

As a successful painter, I carry a minimum of painting equipment,
allowing myself to set up & break down quickly---and paint more!.
Can you transport all your painting equipment and supplies in one trip?
If not, you're carrying too much stuff. ;-)
Tips about packing your gear on my blog...
Art & Influence

Don't wait until the last minute to order your supplies.
If you are painting for the first time, please take time to make sure
you know how to set up and break down your equipment for painting.


Bring small sketches or photographs you have shot yourself.
Please do not bring photos that were shot by someone else.
Indoors, you will paint any size up to 16" x 20"


Some venues require a tarp to protect the floors for indoor classes...
and if we must paint indoors due to bad weather.
Sometimes a tarp is not be sure to ask about this in advance.
Tarps can be purchased inexpensively from hardware stores and other venues.


Bring a portable easel for Studio & Outdoor Workshops.
You'll be more familiar and comfortable with your own equipment.
Some workshop venues have equipment to rent or borrow.
Check with them, in advance, for rentals and loans.

Jullian Explorer or the Original Jullian French Easel
Art Supply Wholesale 1-800-995-6778

A wooden palette comes with the French easel or you can order a
French Companion from Amazon

Armand has a piece of glass or plastic cut to fit the French Companion.
The French Companion does not come with glass.
Because his style of painting focuses on mixing accurate, clean color,
you must have a surface that can be cleaned every fifteen minutes or so
during the painting process.
Please---no paper palettes. This is key to learning to mix color properly.
Your palette should be made of glass, plastic or wood---not paper.

Some artists prefer Pochade boxes. These require a separate tripod.

Artwork Essentials 949-856-2196
Peggy will be happy to assist you


Open Box M 1-800-473-8098
(be sure to talk with Coletta to get all the details)

Take-It Easel
Contact Tobin



Please use artist grade paints. Student grade paints are of inferior quality.


Titanium White
Lemon Yellow or Cadmium Yellow Pale
Cadmium Yellow Light (If you buy Gamblin brand---this color is Cadmium Yellow Medium)
Cadmium Red Light
Permanent Alizarin Crimson
Cobalt Blue
Ultramarine Blue

Gamblin: Artist Oil Color
Winsor Newton: Artist Oil Color
Old Holland
Rembrandt: Artist Quality Oil Color
Utretcht: Permanent Artist Color

If you do some research, you'll find many other Artist Grade paints.



I have switched to animal-friendly synthetic brushes for all my painting needs.
These are the brushes I recommend for Oil and Acrylic
Synthetic Bristle Flats sizes #4, #6, #8, #10, # 12
You can find them at Jerry's Artarama



Titanium White
Cadmium Yellow Lemon
Cadmium Yellow Light
Cadmium Red Light
Permanent Alizarin
Cobalt Blue
Utramarine Blue
Cobolt Green Deep

I recommend using quality acrylic paints such as
Old Holland New Masters Classic Acrylics, Golden Heavy Body Artists Acrylics, Maimeri Brera Artist Acrylics, Winsor Newton Professional Acrylics and Sennelier Extra Fine Artist Acrylics
Avoid inferior brands like Grumbacher.

Bring a spray bottle with water to keep the pigments wet.



I have switched to animal friendly synthetic brushes for all my painting needs.
These are the brushes I recommend for Oil and Acrylic:
Synthetic Bristle Flats sizes #4, #6, #8, #10, # 12

You can find them at Jerry's Artarama


Because I paint everyday, I am concerned about my health.
I personally use only Gamsol odorless mineral spirits.
It is the best product on the market.

*****You must use Gamblin Gamsol or water-based oil paints in my Studio workshops.
Because of allergies and other health issues,
we cannot allow other mineral spirits or turps in the Studio.
Other solvents are inferior and have an odor.

"Gamsol is a highly purified form of odorless mineral spirit,
distilled at high temperature and purified of all aromatic components.
The purification process accounts for the price difference."
More information about Gamblin Gamsol

If you use water soluble oils, do NOT mix it with mediums in studio.
However, it IS alright to use Linseed Oil in the studio.
FYI...I do not personally use mediums.


***If you use solvent, you'll need an airtight container.
I recommend a high quality steel brush washer.
It is leak-proof, allowing you to store solvents without spills.
Make sure to buy the kind that has a removable lid....
those with non-removable lids often tip over.
Dick Blick, and Jerry's Artarama usually have good prices on brush washers.

Bring a sealable container to dispose of your old solvent


For Outdoor Painting Workshops---

Canvas Panels - 6" x 8" up to 12" x 16"
Be sure the panel will fit on your easel

For Studio Painting Workshops---
2 canvases per full day of painting
Bring canvas of the following size(s) that appeal to you:
8" x 10" up to 16" x 20"
Be sure the canvas will fit on your easel


Any store bought primed canvas will work for oil and acrylic painting.
I don't recommend toning your canvas before you paint.

SourceTek: 800-587-5462
High quality canvas and linen panels. Ask for JoAnne or Will

Jerry's Artarama: 800-827-8478


A great solution for carrying multiple panels is a wet panel carrier.
Avoid getting paint all over your car, house, etc.
Great for traveling and easy to carry.
In a pinch...a pizza box will do.

Some Resources:
Artwork Essentials

Open Box M


Utility Bag (always with me when painting)
Snacks and Bottled Water

Extra Paint
Paper Towels...a lot of them!
Paint Scraper - You Probably own one already
Small Sketch Pad and Pencil
Kitchen Size Garbage Bags with drawstring or some type of garbage bag with handles
(for paper towels, paint scrapings, etc.)


> Dark or neutral color clothing is recommended to avoid glare on the canvas.
> Comfortable shoes/boots
> A hat with a large brim
> Dress for changing temperatures
> Sunscreen
> Insect repellent - for you, your clothes and your painting area
> Mosquito Netting


Only paid students may attend workshop.
For the benefit of all paid participants, husbands, wives, pets, children, friends, etc.
are not permitted to attend workshop.
If you are physically challenged, please contact me
and we can arrange for your caregiver to accompany you during the workshop.

Partial Recommended Reading List

The biggest challenge painters face is drawing.
Without good drawing skills, you'll never be an accomplished painter.


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